How do i manually find out how much fuel i need?

so…how do i do it?(manually work out how much fuel i need)

You can go onto this website called Fuel planner which you put your Aircraft and your departure and arrival ICAO and should come up how much you will need :)


thank you but as i said above i mentioned i wanted to do this manually

Manualy, you need to know your expected flight time and fuel burn. IF gives the second, but the first is a bit more tricky, hence my using fpltoif which is always right!

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ok thank you!

the reason i need this is because i am trying to make a spread sheet for the fuel

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Check your total distance, divide it by the average GS (I often use an average GS of 500kt for calculation), you get a rough time of your flight, then go to the weight and balance and add enough fuel for that time.
That’s a very rough but quick method

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What aircraft would it be for?

the A320!.

Well there is a number that’s says how much fuel is Ik the plane. Just use that and add your flight time+An hour extra

The GS calculator is in that file (Which i use for all my A319/A320 flights.

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Just put in flight time plus an additive (or subtractive) that is aircraft specific. For example, in a 747-400 I tend to add 50% more than my flight time. In a 737-800, I put in 15-30 minutes less than my flight time. But to be safe, just know which planes overburn (747s), and add +1 hour to the rest. To the overburners, add significantly more.

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i will try it!

It does many things but does not calculate flight time.
You will however be able to estimate GS with temp and wind.

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  • Is 15,216lbs the minimum amount of fuel needed to reach the destination, or is it the recommended amount of fuel to have onboard?

Image for context

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It says it here :

Fuel for the flight + for 1h15min. Reserve.

That is how much fuel you will need on that flight

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Usually when I use Simbrief it gives me the fuel needed. Also This helps

Alright, thanks!

my way is most likely the worst way but I use Flightradar24 for everything, I look up the route with how long it takes to get to the destination with that aircraft and add the amount of time it takes with estimated time the fuel gives you and add an extra 30 min-hour of fuel. bad way but works. For Ex. I am flying KEWR-KMCO I look up that route its and united 737-800, I check the time it took which was 2:30min and add an extra 30min of fuel to the 2:30min of fuel. (that was an example so it most likely wasn’t realistic to the real flight)

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