How do I make my non-aviation friends like aviation?

So… I have a some friends who don’t like aviation. How can I get them to like aviation lol


You cant force them. Let them support their own dreams, hobbies and interests.


Aviation is something that should be appreciated from the root. Not really something that can be “forced into your friend” unfortunately.


Get them in a helicopter they’ll be hooked


There isn’t necessarily a way, but maybe doing something aviation related for your birthday or a type of party. It doesn’t mean that they will like it for sure, but at least they have an idea on what it is like! (Aviation)


To like aviation, you have to have a special mind that’s interested in the organization/science/complications/mathematics/planning of it all. Some people (well, most people) just aren’t turned on by that 🤷🏼‍♂️


The infinite flight community loves aviation were your friends that love aviation we are all basically aviation nerds 🤓


What sort of things?

I’m not really sure but one idea is be interested in some things they like and maybe they will like what you like

Lol you make it sound so simple 😆🤷

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You can’t really force them. No one likes pursuing something they don’t enjoy.

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Maybe ask them what the think and discuss about it, if they take an interest, mission completed. If not, don’t force it.

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You can’t I have tried it is impossible I say “Did you know that I was on a flight on AA from Dallas to Miami it was a short-med haul and we had business” they are like your so confusing! I’m like .-. It’s so simple AA airline, Dallas- miami, business class they are just like I am still confused! I’m just over her the whole time giving up on my life 😂🤣🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

Tie them up and then refuse to feed them until they buy a Cessna


Hey. I have a unique perspective of this for those that have a few mins to read. Ive loved aviation since the age of 3. No one else in my family does. I spent the last 8 years of my life fighting bad health including a cancer scare and severe head trauma that caused some brain damage.
I lost all my old aviation friends to due having to stop life to fight bad health, and the new people in my life don’t know the aviation side of me. Aviation is burning to them, so I’m kind of a loner in that sense…
Im starting life over at age 37 haha.

So yea, I said all that to say that I understand the question, but like everyone said, love for aviation is something you are basically born with or it’s love at first sight.

Anyway, hello everyone haha. Nice to mee all of you. I def need some aviation pals…


It’s not something that you can push upon people. Aviation is kind of a niched hobby, you need a specific mindset to be into it. If you talk to your friends about aviation as much as I do you might notice that some of them pick up on some bits and pieces of info to the point where they’re semi interested, but you can never really force them.

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it doesn’t hurt to surround yourself with people who enjoy this Topic. I believe that you should surround yourself with people who enjoy the things that you do as well. There are tens of millions of people out there who enjoy the topic of Aviation find them, cherish them, learn from them. Good luck.

Time them up, toss them in the last row of an RyanAir flight. Done.


Someone ask a mod to highlight this. Lol.


LOL! Can’t be upset or depressed if you’re in a helicopter!

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