How do I make my flights more realistic?

Here are some of my tips:

  • Choose an IRL flight - chose an airport, look up the IATA code (the 3 letter one), go to this website, enter it and then one of the destinations conveniently placed on the map.
  • Realistic flightplan - register at, log in at FPLtoIF and now you can generate IF-ready flightplans with one click!
  • Joystick, yoke, etc - buy some flight sim accessory, download liveflight connect and enjoy. Now, liveflight connect is discontinued, so bugs won’t be fixed, but I mean, what can break there?
  • IF assistant - want to have GPWS warnings? Copilot callouts? Mark Denton calling you a dumbass for overspeeding on a taxiway? Then for a couple bucks you’ll have a new dimension to your IF experience. IFC thread for this contraption is here.
  • Use SID/STAR/oceanic tracks - Laura already pays for them, you already paid to have them, so why not use them? Note that arcs for SID/STAR aren’t currently in the game, so some of them might be awkward.
  • Charts - charts might have things like max speed on SID/STAR which aren’t reflected in the game and also they are sometimes quite beautiful.
  • Fly with IFATC - I’ve spent 2 years to get there, so quality control there is quite good and also it is just cool to be controlled by someone who actually knows what he is doing.

Might add some other things later, but here’s your top gear top tips for the time being.