How do I make gates?

Hey guys! I always see these events with well organized drop down menus with all the gates for that terminal. I was wondering how do I do that, like what is the format to make it?

Thanks, Aviation3

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Are we talking finding the gates or the way they are displayed?

This is how

| (Option 1) | (Option 2) | (Option 3) |
| Column 1 | Column 2 | Column 3 |

Check this: How To Use The Infinite Flight Community || Formatting Guide - #67 by Aviator_Ace

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So will that make the drop down menu? @ThomasThePro

Don’t understand what you mean?

No, for that click > the gear icon > hide details

Oh ok thanks! I’m also checking out the link @ThomasThePro ;)

Yes like that then inside you put the table

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That link Thomas sent is the best thing to help :)

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Just in case its a real life gate you want a few iron rods welded together does the trick and mabye a hinge or two

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If you PM me, I can make them for you.

If you’d like to make them yourself, the link above is also a great resource.

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lol thanks 😂

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Also, the way I did it was, I found an old PANC event. I absolutely couldn’t stand the aircraft and liveries they had there, so I copied the whole table and edited it in my own draft.

That could save some time. It could also take a while, but it’s another route you could take.

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I think my PANC events are probably the first ever (at least that I’ve seen) with 100% realism 😂

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Wow, would you look at that. A whole topic with every answer to every question about the forum. Better check that out :0

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Also consider giving the interactive tutorial with @discobot a run-through, if you haven’t already!

Well would ya look at that :0

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