How Do I Make/Download Drawing Flight Plans?

So I am interested in doing some “sky drawing” flights. But I have no idea how I should make or download the FPL though, can anyone help me? Thanks!
An example:

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Check out this post by Balloonchaser. Hopefully it’ll help you out. :)

You can always copy IRL flight plans if you find a certain flight that you’d like to perform (BOE4 being a common example).


Thanks! I will check it out!

Also, this.

Lol… everyone is now making these I’m starting to think y’all got the idea from me cuz the topic I had if u guys seen it

Not really, you didn’t use custom waypoints, so you didn’t really do it correctly.

@RT6907 I followed this tutorial to make this suiff

Basically you need to import an image into google earth, then draw over it to get the waypoints, and after you get the coordinates you need to import them into the google spreadsheet provided in the tool posted by Nate and voila!

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I was creative and I meant he might’ve gotten the idea from me mate of drawing it but making it more precise and accurate

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