How do I make aircraft on live look "better"?

For a while now I have been wondering how all of the pics of live look so high def I gone through all of the settings but still can’t find high def.
If someone knows please help me
A pic of my live:

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The game automatically limits the quality of other aircraft, it doesn’t matter what quality setting you have locally on your device.

But I have an iPad pro so shouldn’t it have better quality?

Go to your settings on the menu and make sure everything in the graphics section is on the highest possible setting

Go to little gear in the top left corner of the main menu > click the “Live” tab > set airplane count to VeryHigh.

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If you have an iPad Pro, settings, everything on High. graphics on Very High!

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Still low quality

Only better performance.

The graphic setting have nothing to do with everyone on live, I’ve tried this many times. Before the Airbus A320neo family update other plane rendering was nice for me, now they look like quality is set to ultra low.

There’s a limit to how much quality other aircraft are rendered. Those settings only impact you and your plane.


How come people can get pictures like this then? Even with my high speed internet and maxed out graphic settings, I still can’t get more than a few aircraft in close proximity to me to display correctly and not as a white square.


If you just see a square then there’s something slowing the data stream. That’s either low memory or network related. Even the best networks can indicate perfect operations, but still have some kind of slowdown. Try unplugging the modem then router while the iPad is powered off. 30 seconds later plug in the modem first, let it light up to indicate full connectivity, the plug in the router and wait for the same. After all that turn the iPad power back on. See if anything improved.

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Thanks! Will try this soon :)

Also try hiding dots and names.

Hmmm… I have a iPad Air 2 and my planes show up in HQ. Only thing I would say is take @david 's advice. Also @bensonb I go thru the same thing sometime. Gonna do what David said and see if that works or just get my internet speed faster.

Is that depends on internet speed? in Online

Done all of the suggestions and my live now looks like this…

What a320 neo update?