How do I make a VA

I’m planning to make flynas VA but how do I do it?

Check out this page: IFVARB

This has a detailed information on each topics on how to start, apply and run a Virtual Airline/Organization. If you need more help then you can always DM the IFVARB Admin Group - @IFVARB


Thank you !


To create a virtual airline or a virtual organisation, you’ll have to go to, and to the “Creating a VA/VO” tab. From there, you’ll have a set of steps that you should follow to improve your chance of approval, and once you are confident that you can be approved.

Once you are confident that what you have can be approved, head to the “Apply” tab, and wait for a response from the IFVARB team. If you have any doubts, you can always send the IFVARB group a message to clarify any confusions.


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See the replies above. Thanks!