How do I make a route database?

Many of you probably are familiar with me, the Soviet Pingu running a VA, I’m back with another Q. Many VAs have a route database, which is a sheet of all their routes, ALL OF EM I’m starting Allegiant.Virtual and what’s the best way I can make a route database? Because this is all I have referencing routes.


You can look at this site and tap on the airports to get all routes that are departing from that specific airport.

Otherwise, you can buy some schedules from here for 13 Pound.

Good luck mate!

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I wish I could help you but I am in the same predicament. I might check out the above too!

Hey, For future reference posts in the #live:va category without approval from the VARB are not permitted. Please utilise this thread if you have any further questions.

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Furthermore, I’ve noticed you’ve been making many posts recently about your VA. If I may, I would like to offer you some advice. For context, I am CEO of a VA I will not name to avoid promotion. A lot of people miss this but it is so important in starting a VA. Join a VA as staff before you start your own. It will give you insights into how VAs run. But don’t just join for your VA’s benefit as no VA will take you on as staff with that mindset. Have a genuine area you want to help in and don’t be afraid to ask questions and delay plans. You may even find you like the VA so much that starting a new VA doesn’t appeal. I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t start your own, but I say this because it is what happened to me. I joined the VA I am CEO of now as Design Manager because that’s my skill set, but also wanted to see how everything worked so I could start my own VO. I worked my way up to COO and eventually now CEO and absolutely love it.

TL;DR - Join a VA as staff first, it’ll help you gain invaluable experience. And don’t just do it for your own VA, do it because you genuinely want to help.

Hope this helps!


Try to lookup all of the hubs and then search their routes on their respective wikipedia pages in the route tables

You can make an Airtable with all the information given from previous comments

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