How do I make a good landing in cross winds?

I have watched videos on how to make smooth landings but most of the time I am going to land, I encounter cross winds making my landing really hard or making me crash on final or making me go around. Any tips on how to land in cross winds?


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Well, if you have watched videos explaining the proper technique, then the next thing to do is just practice. Any landing is just trend analysis (as is all flying), and the more you’re exposed to a crosswind landing, the better you’ll become! Good luck!


Use. The. Rudder.

Simple! 🙂

adding one more point to @Dubya,
make sure you use rudder when u cross land; its there explained properly in the tutorial.
Also try practice your cross landings in SOLO mode, so that you can practice by changing the weather (where u can change wind directions & gusts).
makes you more thorough with these landings.



Also, here is a great resource to utilize:

Hey so a good way to land on A cross wind is to keep you’re nose angle to the runway and use you’re throttles to power you’re engines up and down and make sure to fly against the cross wind as soon as you’re back wheels touches the runway use you’re rudder to stable you’re self on the runway and put the spoilers on to create drag and use rudder to stable you’re self on the runway. I have lots of experience with crosswind just stay calm and don’t use big movements when comeing to land in them. Hope it helps.

Hope the landing works out in your favor?

Go do some patterns at an airport on solo with some cross winds. Practicing in solo makes the best pilot on live.

the question has been answered lets avoid overcrowding!
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Your meant to use rudder before touching the runway and touch whatever gear is closest to the wind first. When your GPWS is calling around 20 use small bits of rudder to aim straight down the runway and again only touch the gear that is into the wind first. This stops the aircraft from touching down and going off the side of the runway!!

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Any info helps @Captain_Cign

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