How do I make a dropdown list?

So I’ve seen in some posts people make dropdown lists to condense the size of their post. I was wondering 1 how to do this and 2 if you can do this on the mobile IFC version. Thanks in advance.

Go to options in the top bar above writing area, like a setting icon. Click Hide details and there you go. Yes, you can do that on mobile.



Adding to this; yes, you can use it in the mobile app.

Thanks @Gabe_Z @Mika

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There’s a mobile app for this forum?

Yes, Discourse App.

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A little off topic, but discourse hub?

This is the iOS version and this is the Android version

If you are on a galaxy device after you visit the website 3 or more times you get an option to download it as an app

Perfect, thanks.

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I can highly recommend you this:


Samsung Galaxy S8, Just like IOS, you can make look like like an app, but just URL.

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