How do i look for an airport job?

Almost done with high school so o figured i should start looking for jobs. i really want to become a ramp agent but im not sure how or where to look. Oh! and my home airport is LAX if that helps.

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I’m no expert, but I do know that some jobs are through airlines. I’d start there.

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I can only speak from my experience as a ramp agent here in Aussie land, but your best bet will be to check airline websites, or contractor companies (e.g Menzies, DNATA…)

But definitely recommend working directly for an airline, looks better on a CV and working conditions/ benefits are often much better.

It’s not a glamorous job, but being around aircraft is good fun!

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Just in addition to that, website like are also a really good place to search for jobs. Just had a look on there and Menzies are hiring at LAX, I’d assume they’re always hiring (they are here and SYD is a lot smaller than LAX)

I’m sure someone like @Altaria55 will be able to provide a bit more insight/ guidance, I can only speak from my experience here.

But I would definitely recommend working airside, best job I’ve had. Great experience, and it’s an amazing place to get a taste of the Aviation industry.

Best of luck 🤙🏼

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I applied through American’s website.

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i checked out indeed and there’s a good amount. Tons of opportunities for different jobs.

It might be different in AUS but what are some things you need to have to be able to work? I know there’s the high school diploma, valid drivers license, etc. Anything else i should be aware of?

Need to be able to lift a decent amount repeatedly over often long periods of time. 32kgs is usually the max, so 70lbs ish.

There is ofc the background checks, I believe it’s the FBI in the US?

Apart from that there’s not much you really need. Drivers licence is the main one because you’ll eventually be doing a fair bit of driving.

Just be ready for some early mornings, late nights and long hours.

(Currently getting ready for QF12 to arrive from LAX funnily enough 😏)


Many jobs in the United States require you to be 18. Since you’re graduating high school you should meet it unless you’re young for your class. Something to keep in mind.


okay cool, so just the usual ones i was expecting.

I’d love to work late nights! Always the best in my opinion.

Enjoy QF12 😏

i’m 18 luckily! Also i’ll be going to a career day event next wednesday, you think i could find some sort of ground crew job there?

Last year i didn’t find many, mainly FA, Pilot/FO, Mechanical, ETC.

Depends on what openings they have for ground crew really.

Like @Altaria55 said, go to the airline website you desire to work for. That’s how I found my first ramp job. The likes of Southwest, American, United, Delta, etc. Compare the pay and benefits of each job you find. Always look for growth in the company though, an example of that would be ramper to ramp lead to shift lead to station manager. Make sure it’s a company where you can keep progressing through the ranks.

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