How do i log out of my account

so how do i log out my account

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From the main screen, click your profile in the top right, then click “switch account”, then click “revert to default account”.

i tried that right now but it still says im in my account

i could send a picture

Odd, it’s the same on my end.

heres the picture

can we get a mod to help this problem

They should reply you in few moments!

thank you so much

is there a mod coming

you can open a support ticket regarding if account issues or wait for help

ok thx so much

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ok still waiting for a mod to come now

Please be patient. Also regulars and other more knowledgeable users may be able to help you just standby!

im sorry i will be patient

Try now using the same steps that @Thunderbolt outlined above. Was able to log in/out of my account.

@Balloonchaser - if you go to Settings > Account after reverting to default account does it still have all your info there?

Nope. Logging in/out works as it should for me now. Just note that the first time I logged out, I got an Error Code but it quickly disappeared.

ok thanks guys