How do I log into my other account

Hi are usually fly using my iPad but I logged in as a different account because it said I was grade 1 which on my iPad and grade 3 not sure why I’m grade 1 on my phone I would like help back and thank you.

For clarification purposes do you have one or two accounts?

It sounds like you may be logged in as a different account. Make sure you are using the account that is linked to your grade 3 profile.

Press the logout button and reboot for good measure. Then login with your correct profile tied to the grade 3.

I’m not sure if I do because last time I was flying I was on grade 3 but is there a way you can see what account my grade 3 is under? Because I don’t have the Device with me for the grade 3 Account because pretty much I lost all my information and I’m paying 10 dollars for nothing and I think I’m on the wrong Account can you see what account it is for me?

Not sure what account is under my grade 3

When was the last time you flew as a grade 3?

Grade is time based so if it has been a while your grade will drop causing you to start all over. Can you share your callsign or better yet your user page that shows your account?

Like I said I’m not sure if this is the right account

because I remember talking to you before when I got ghosted not sure if you remember me. So is there no way to look my my account

Is there a way for you to make me back to grade 3? Because I was paying 10 dollars and I took a break to save money for college I would really appreciate that

I show your last flight for that profile was on January 25th 2020. That is pretty far in the past and if you press on the (I) icon it will show you what items you are missing.

By not flying you were not able to keep up with the activity requirement for grade 3. Yes you reached grade 3 but by letting time lapse caused your grade to drop to grade 1.

Alright I understand is there no way you can put me back up to grade 3 or 2 because I spent years on working up to grade 3 and I did not that it drops down after a little bit and I really apologize for it so if you can I would really appreciate it thanks a lot

Is this the account that you are talking about when I sent the screenshot?

Yes. Just do a few landings and spend some time and you will be back at it.

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Yes I will is there a way you can make me back up too 3? Because I spent a lot of time doing it and I feel really bad for my self because how much I pay and I understand if you can’t move me back up

Hey there ! Welcome back ! I understand the hassle but going to Grade 3 is quite easy, just do a few landings and you should be back up and running !
I’ve been flying since 2012 and I’m still Grade 3 because I don’t fly a lot

Thanks a lot