How do I lock on ILS for an improved landing

I tryed I can’t figure it out help pls

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To lock the ILS, you need to choose before taking off the ILS of the runway in which you´ll land. When you get close to the airport, you´ll see at the right of the HUD a triangle and rectangle, when those two are aligned, start descending with your Ground Speed multiplied by 5.
If you´re too high, increase the descent rate, if you´re too low, stabilize, wait for alignment and descend.
ILS interception is done at altitudes between 2000ft-3000ft. I use 2700ft.

Can u make it a little easier to understand I think I get it but idk

Here you go:


Once you have the rectangle and triangle lined up on the right you are on the ILS. Now you need to follow it down. Easiest way to do it is to point that little circle inside your HUD at the start of the runway as in the screenshot.

Sure. I wasn´t very clear now that I re-read the comment.
Before taking off, choose your destination airport. When making the flight plan, choose the runway, E.G runway 13L of KJFK (final waypoint should be the airport)

When the plane is moving, press for a second the ILS selector (between the Heading and Glide Slope indicators). Choose “ILS KJFK RWY 13L”, it will be locked all the time.

The HUD has, at its right, a glide slope indicator, with a rectangle in the middle. Before landing and at ILS interception height (2000ft-3000ft), a triangle will also appear. When those two are aligned, it means that you´ve intercepted the glide slope and can start the final descent.
To follow it, use your ground speed multiplied by 5: if the GS is 160, do 160x5=800. You will have to descend at 800ft/m (checking the vertical speed) so as to keep the alignment.

The triangle can move up or down depending on how low or high you are: too low, the triangle will be over the rectangle. Fly with a lower vertical speed to intercept again.
Too high, the triangle will be under the rectangle, increase the rate of descent to intercept again.

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What’s easier ILS or gps and what’s the difference

You will have to ask someone else for that.

I belive ILS means that there are no obstacles in the glidescope, and GPS means that there is a possibility something is in the way of the glidescope, but I’m not sure… Either way the lineup and landing should be the same - try and align everything to the correct heading, descent, etc.

Ok, for simplistic sake just refer the word “chase”

You have a vertical glide slope that glides you in. If the bar goes up… You chase it up. If it goes down you chase it down.

Same is true for the horizontal part. If it goes left you chase it to the left. Same for right.

The closer you get to the rwy the smaller the adjustments. If the bar is to the left, go a degree and hold it till it centers. Same is true for the height.

Hope that helps :)

And to answer your questions regarding gps vs ILS. ILS is the preferred approach on low visibility days. . It allows you To go lower. Gps or vor approaches mda are much higher.