How do I list a topic on my comment?

Hello all! This is a quick question that can be easily answered. I am wondering how some people can show a different topic on their comment. When I try to do it I always copy the link of the Topic I want to put in my comment and paste it in. However it only puts blue text of the Topic title. What I want to know is how I can put in another topic on my comment so that others can get a quick preview without having to click on only blue text. I am also sorry if there is another topic on this because I couldn’t find much.

just simply put the link in then click enter before anything else

Ok thanks I try when I need to but I have done it before and it only puts the title in blue.

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Yeah after pasting press enter. It’s called a drop down box or something. Try it with any link.


I just did it and clicked preview to check and it worked! Thanks for the help! This can be closed now.