How do I land the Cessna 172 softly?

I am going to fly the C172 and I want to land it softly what speed should I be flying at to do so?

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60-70 kts is a good landing speed for the 172


Check above:

The recommended is about 55 knts.


Thank you I will have a look at that

Just do it by feel. Depending on the wind and how fast your decending, monitory your throttle and adjust it as needed. I’d suggest keeping your finger on it. And flare to about halfway between 5 and 10 degrees. I usually use 20 degreese flaps IF I’m high on my approach so that when I pull the power out early, usually pulled out over the piano keys, I can still keep a controlled decent but not hain to much speed while decending faster.

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Fly around 60-70 kts IAS, close the throttle, and try to get the stall horn to work and it should bring you down without bouncing.

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