How Do I Land the C172?

I’ve been using the C172 for quite some time to familiarize myself with the GA world of aviation.

I’ve done patterns upon patterns, with successful takeoffs, taxis, etc.

What I have an issue with is landing the C172. I followed Tyler’s instructions in his Navigating in Infiniteflight and Pattern Work Tutorial videos, but I’ve never been able to have a smooth landing.

My plane bounces multiple times after landing, and I don’t know how to fix it; I’ll be coming in at 85 knots but bounce like crazy.

Any and all help is appreciated!


85 knots is too fast for landing in the C172. You want to be in the range of 50-60kts.

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Let me hop in solo approach and try that out.

It worked pretty well!

All I did is reduce throttle to idle slowly when over the threshold, which made my nose come down, but I have 10% trim, so I just lifted the nose up and it worked very well!

If anyone else has any other tips let me know!

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This is what my instructors tell me when flying a 172, 75 knots downwind, 70 knots for base and around 60-65 for landing


Alright, I’ll make sure to follow those In my next pattern.

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As well as (forgot to add this)
When your speed gets into the white arc
Use the first notch of flaps, then second notch should come around 65-70 knots

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I train in a Piper, not a Cessna but I feel like same logic would apply. I’m about 80 knots on downwind and when the threshold reaches my left wing on downwind, reduce power, start decent and 1 notch of flaps. Then when at a 45 degree angle, turn base, 75 knots, and 2nd notch of flaps. Then turn final, 70 knots and last notch of flaps. Short final right around 65 knots and touchdown right at 55-60 knots

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How tf are you doing 190 knots…

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Don’t worry, I sometimes skid off the runway landing the C172.🤣

Be active on that rudder. The 172 in IF can get quite slippery upon touchdown sometimes, if you’re not careful!

Well in my experience, landing a real light aeroplane well is far easier than landing the GA aircraft in IF! They are very twitchy near the ground and wind seems to have an exaggerated effect I feel…

That said, all the real world flying techniques mentioned will help… Yes its easy to fly too fast in the 172 (and C208). I have practised a lot recently and find base descent at 80 kts / 1 stage flaps, final at 60 kts / 2 stages seems to work well. Flare is at about 55 kts I think.

You need about +15 or 20 trim also, after the final configuration

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Its all over the place! It’s very hard to stop bounces and veering around. I can’t believe the physics are really correct, surely not…?

Look, the situation in IF is the reverse of the real world… In the real world light aircraft are easier to fly than jet airliners… In IF jet airliners are easier to fly than light aircraft! 😳…

While that remains the case, then I’m afraid that “GA Days” will keep being sort of fringe events…

They say it is but it doesn’t seem so

It’s a complex matter I guess, no doubt its a mixture of the coding fine tuning, pilot skill and wind.

I can’t be totally sure, I did my licence in a Warrior (the low wings and “proper” big boys throttle appealed more to me! 😉), but I never once ended up on the grass 🙄.

I flew a C172 once, but it was a lesson in a seaplane version on Lake Como… So the physics were not really comparible!

Well, to be honest, without a physical “feel” of the rudder pedal, getting the judgement absolutely spot-on with that one is always a hit and miss, especially when we’re talking about ground movements. The slip-sliding is usually caused by an over-speeded landing as far as I’ve seen. The 172 in IF really loves to land exactly at or below stall speed, not higher. It’s just a thing.


Sorry didn’t have time to read other answers.

From my experience get close to the stall speed, train that angle of attack on altitude and then try on the runway

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Ok, then I’m going to revise my speeds down by 10kts…

Its been a while, but yes, we practise approaching the stall in training. I remember the stall alarm goes off about 5 kts before, then it’s push forwards and full power…


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