How do I know which gate fits my aircraft?

Hello everyone!

Everytime u choose an aircraft & airport u see all these gates and u need to choose at which gate u want to spawn. My question is: how do i know what gate my aircraft requires?
let me know down below!

thanks everyone for your help!

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I thinkFlightradar24 can tell you.


great! thank you, i’ll take a look and see what this site can do for me (-;

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Hey Yemster,

I use liveflight app frequently which shows the airport layout with the maximum wing span of each parking spot. It shows parking for narrow body Ac’s, heavy, cargo and other good information. Glad to see that you’re taking the time to prepare before even spawning. I personally have a checklist before I spawn myself:

-Flight plan copied to clipboard
-Anticipated landing time(don’t want to land in the crack of dawn lol)
-Airport gate used in real life for the AC/Airline i’m flying
-Current Runways in use and length (don’t want to spawn an A380 near a 4,000ft runway )

Just as we have a checklist for taking off, a checklist before buckling up is just as important. You can view liveflight at



If you have a Horizon subscription on LiveFlightApp, you can check out the airport charts provided. There, you will see which aircraft can fit at certain gates based on the wingspan sizes.

As an alternative and 🆓 option, you can also use Tom’s website (@Kilt_McHaggis) where he provides the same airport diagrams but they also include taxiway labels. Additionally, you can find waypoints, airways, and the like. It’s a great resource!

It’s a bit tricky to navigate but I’m sure you’ll understand it easily. To find airport diagrams:

  • visit the website and click “airports” which will take you to a Google Drive link.
  • click the country/state/region of which the airport is in and a link will appear saying “airports.”
  • click this link and find the respective airport you’re looking for.
  • click the “park” link which will show the various parking at the airport.

The gates are all color coded by wingspan size. Tom has provided a nice legend to determine which color correlates to which plane. This should hopefully make your gate selections much easier.

Hope this helps. Happy flying! :)


You could check out this topic and see suggestions as well.

thanks man! this sounds really good, a good preparation BEFORE even spawning is an important thing to do ofc and i’m glad your helping me to do so!
see you in the IF SKIES!


thanks! i will (-;

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thanks, this really helps!
see you out there! (:

i’ll keep those 3 in mind.
thank u very much for your help!

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Something I use to do this is go on a third party IF app called virtual hub and search from there.

What I do is use the free camera to find a gate sutible for my aircraft (B772),One time I landed in Atlanta from London and spent 10 minutes taxing through the whole airport till I found a Heavy gate(I only found it cause a Delta 787 was parked in one of the gates there)So I started using the Free camera whenever I land.

Landing at dawn exactly is the most brutal thing ever.

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Yeah, i had some more people that recommended virtual hub. I think that i’m gonna use that app for now (; tnx a lot!

And what if u r about to spawn? When you haven’t started your flight YET.

Hi there. A lot of the graphics in Virtual Hub were created by myself a few years back. Many of our airports are changing on a regular frequency or being added. There are 2 sources where you will see this info (apart from playing live on Infinite Flight)

a) Live Flight takes the airport library files and generates plots of the spawns dynamically
b) My Google Drive where EVERY airport which is edited or re-edited is reviewed by myself for gate configurations then added to my Google site. My intention has always been to provide free up-to-date (as soon as the airport is edited) information.

If you care to peruse what I provide you will find the following info:

Globe (All Countries - (USA is further broken into States))
→ Country (ALL Airports in each country showing size of Airport as released in IF)
–>RED = Military
–>YELLOW = Can sustain an A380 (Focus of our previous initiative)
–>ORANGE = Airport with runway > 10,000ft
–>GREEN = Commercial Airport with taxiways labelled and Airlines added)
–>BLUE = General Aviation
–>CYAN = Airstrips (unlicensed airports typically with no runway markings)
–>Grey Dot = Airports still to be done

These maps/charts are the most complete view of the current state of Infinite Flight and are updated DAILY!

Of course there are a lot of other links and data sources on my site. Many linkages to Navigraph charts and also Flight Radar Airline Route Charts.

I am always looking for feedback on how to make this info better. My mission is to serve others and provide IF information.



i can’t thank you enough!!!
i’ll use this for sure (:

I only have one more question: what does class c, d, e, b, f mean? or what does it stand for?

My Web Page here shows this:

CLASS F : Wingspan 65m - 85m [RED]
CLASS E : Wingspan 53m - 65m [YELLOW]
CLASS D : Wingspan 37m - 52m [ORANGE]
CLASS C : Wingspan 25m - 36m [GREEN]
CLASS B : Wingspan 15m to 24m [BLUE]
CLASS A : Wingspan 0m to 14m [BLACK]

you are the real MVP, thank you so much!
see you out there!

enjoy your day <-: