How do I know when these violations will be gone?

So I’ve been playing for about 4 years on and off and I’ve recently become pretty good but I can’t join an VA’s or use the advanced servers cause I have a few to many violations. How do I know when these will be gone because I really would like to get more involved with the community but can’t until they’re gone. Thanks!

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You can easily do more landings out offset the impact of the violations. 14 more landings without new violations will get you back to grade 2.


I don’t believe there really is a way to check other than looking at your log book and seeing the dates of your violations.

Other than that a possible way to get to Grade 2 is to get a one to one ration. So you need 43 landings and I believe you should be Grade 2. After that I believe you need a .50 ration to get to Grade 3. That means if you were to stay at 43 violations you would need a total of 86 landings.

PS: This assumes that you don’t get any more violations and you meet the rest of the requirements.


Awesome. Thanks so much!

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