How do I know when the next livestream is?

When or where can I know where the next community livestream is going to be? I have a lot of questions and I’m planning on asking there.

Hey there!

Keep an eye out on Infinite Flight’s social media pages and on the community forum for when the next YouTube live stream is!

Thank you so much MJP_27! Really appreciate your help.

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Just look at the community in infinite flight and be active on social media to see the live streams in infinite flight.

Heh, from the title, I thought you knew when the next livestream was and you were sharing your logic.

Anyway, as mentioned, just check their social medias, where they may announce:
INSTAGRAM: Login • Instagram
FACEBOOK: Infinite Flight

They also have some other socials, but probably wont post livestreams:

The next livestream is soon ;D


Hello aviator dan!!

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