How do I know when my post has been approved

The title explains itself

U usually get a message regarding that from the system correct me if I’m wrong

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Really cuz I posted a event and I don’t know if it was approved

Check ur message box and u shud have gotten a message from the system if not then check with a staff or a mod

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You will receive a notification looking something like this:

It’s always possible that it could have been rejected.


Hmm I have never got that

Does the events category have an approval process as well? I thought it was only #real-world-aviation

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I think it’s 4 all posts if I’m not mistaken

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I’m pretty sure it’s just RWA because I can see @BritishAirways001’s event, and they didn’t get an approval notification

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Oh ok, then my bad

Alright thanks

Mods you may close this topic

It’s also #ground-school:community-tutorials

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OP request