How do I know when I'm a regular?

I was looking into a forum, and I just noticed a pencil at the top of it. Does that mean I am a regular?

It means you edited the comment or still writing…

But it wasn’t my post, and when I pressed it I could edit it.

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Check your badges and see if you have the “Regular” badge. That’s how I found out I became one

Check your profile everyday,

theres a rank under your name, your currently a member

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Ok thanks, I don’t have that badge

I looked at your profile and you’re still a member. Keep posting and liking and you’ll reach regular


You will receive a badge called “Regular”.


I think you are talking about a wiki post, was the pencil green? There might have been some sort of bug or something because only Regulars can edit those.


He’s saying that he saw it. Anyone can see it, but only Regulars can edit :)

Oh ok, that makes sense. Yes, I’m afraid @Mix56awesome, we can’t edit wikis :-(


Try editing this post @Mix56awesome
I can pilot8 here.
GolferRyan was here.
SimNerd was here.
Nick C. wuz here.
Mix56awesome was here 😆

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Well I can’t. When I was a regular there was a pencil button on the tools menu down the bottom of people’s wikis


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