How do I know what to edit in an airport?

I am having trouble figuring out the basics. I watched the videos provided in a few other topics, but they mention nothing about knowing where parking spots and other things are located in real life.

Help is appreciated. Thanks.


Airport charts can help.


Most big airports have them labeld

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Thanks. Is there any other way of knowing where they are located?

On webding you may be lucky enough to see the gate number on the ground. As for airports that are smaller, you probably have to keep searching or make runway spawn points.


Needs editing. Check the satellite image of VOMM.

No editing needed. On par with satellite image. (KNRS)

In the first case we all know a lot is missing. So we know we should edit.

What to draw?

  • taxilines
  • white lines
  • taxiway edges lines
  • pretty much anything marked on the ground except the runway.

You’re a legend Dushyanth! Thanks so much :)


Swang007 and Henrik may be able to help too.

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how are you able to do that stuff? I have always wanted to know if I could do something like that for IF

Emir, are you on the Slack?

Take a look here. This should lead you in the right direction.

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What’s the slack channel? I tried editing an airport and had some questions.

Are you a airport editor? Pm me.

You will need to be invited to the Slack… Provide your email address to Arya and I think that would do :)

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Thanks I will later. Ive got an exam to do first

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