How do i know what gate to spawn at?

Everytime i fly, i want it to be realistic. And whenever i pick an airline and airport i never know what gate to spawn at or which terminal, have you ever had that feeling before to experience the realism in game? like i want to spawn with other People with the same Airline (e.g Emirates)


A good way to know what gate to spawn at is by looking at past flights through playback on Flight Radar 24 (FR24), Flight Aware and or searching a flight number up on google (which shows the gate info)


Ah great thank you so much! Have a great day!

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To figure out gates for general terminal i always google the airline terminal for specific airport. For an exact gate to gate i fly real world routs via my VA bookings and then use navigraph to navigate to exact gate. If you do not have navigraph subscription Google definitely works!

You can check #ground-school:community-tutorials , some airport guides include which terminals are used by airlines The Honk Kong International Airport Guide for example, and if not you can always check Flightradar 24

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flightaware is what i use to find me gates

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