How do I know what airport with atc will be busy and what airports will not?


I like to plan my flights ahead of time, with ATC on the es, anyway this has not bothered me for a long time, but just recently its gotten really annoying when I I start my flight and the airport is really busy, and 2 hours later it is a ghost airport, I know how the schedule works and everything, there used to be a star next to the hub of the day, but that’s gone so I ask\

how do I know what airports will be busy through out the day?

Hey! There’s an ATC schedule that details which airports are featured every day for the month. Here’s the current one: ATC Schedule | March 2022

As for which airports will be busy or not, it’s really up to the controllers. We switched to a hybrid system in October which basically allows everyone and everyone to open whenever they want, regardless of the schedule. It gives us more flexibility. Although we’re encouraged to control at the featured airports, it doesn’t happen all the time. What I’ve noticed is the big hubs (LHR, LAX, ATL, etc…) being staffed because they have lots of inbounds.

If you ever want to see which expert server airports are currently open, or how many inbounds there are, you can check out this site: IFATC Info - ATC Status

Hope that helps!

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Thank you, however currenly non of the scheduled airports are open, it’s all LA and stuff

On expert server you can look up the ATC Schedule for the month or if you have trouble with that you can see the majority of where the traffic is going on the homepage.

Today was meant to be Geneva and Europe but everyone is going to Western USA

Wow! That IFATC Info link was VERY useful!! :D Thanks a lot!

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