How do I know if I've been ghosted?

Hi there. I’m not sure if I’ve been ghosted or not. When I try to find a controlled airport on the advanced server there are never any. Does this mean I’ve been ghosted? Also, how do I find out how many violations I’ve had? Sometimes I get told off but I’m not sure what for. Can you link me to the best help page for understanding how to use ATC correctly?

It will say, “you have been ghosted for blah blah blah for inappropriate behavior…”.


Hello Ricky,
Welcome to the community! On here you can find many informational threads and valuable topics to help you. If you search ATC under the “Tutorial” section you will find a lot of informative posts. I included one below, have fun:)

Sorry guys I posted on the wrong thread at first.


Hi there. I made a mistake and taxied on grass and got reported by atc yesterday. Now when I try to fly on expert server it says I can’t because I am grade 2. How long until I get my grade 3 back? I think I was treated a little harshly as I have a near-perfect record and only did one thing wrong.

It is around 3 days. You taxied on grass , there is no injustice there …

Never been ghosted so not sure…


I think if you get ghosted it’s a 1 week ban

What if the taxiway is grass.

Hey contact a moderator like @Joe if you think the ghost was un just and if you have questions. To answer your original question you will be grade 2 for 7 days then you will be back to your original grade.

An airline won’t be happy if you taxied onto the grass, neither would be the controller.

Saves wear on tires. Grass is softer than concrete. 😅


I highly doubt he would be ghosted for using a grass taxiway. Im sure it wasn’t the ATC controllers fault , however i could be wrong , but highly doubt it :)

Thanks. How do I contact a moderator?

I’ll handle it.