How do I know if I'm flying too fast?

Is it normal when I’m flying commercial narrow body aircraft on A/P and when I begin my descent into an airport from cruising altitude my aircraft initially rapidly pitches down for a split second then pitches up slightly to adjust its VS? I’m only having this problem with narrow body aircraft like the A320 or B737 but not for the big ones. I suspect my speed is too fast for cruise and when I start to descent this happens, but I’m not near the red tape during cruise (therefore assuming I’m not at cruising speed), does anyone have this problem too? How to solve? Thanks.

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I’ve realized this happens when you set your VS too fast. Setting it slower, which is sliding the VS to only -100fpm (up until you’re desired VS) would normally maintain the aircraft pitching downward. I hope you know what I mean.

Yes, I think this is a long-standing bug in Infinite Flight… It always happens to me.
What I usually do is turn off autopilot (don’t forget to calibrate first though :D), then bring the nose down slowly to the VS I want, then turn back on autopilot ONLY clicking the VS button and not the ALT (altitude) button.
When you click only the VS button, it’ll automatically set the autopilot to whatever VS you were currently using.

Oh, by the way, what Mach speed do you normally cruise at? If you don’t know that’s ok too

Just as an indication on the B737/A320 I cruise at about M0.82 and then at Top of Descent ( TOD) I set the speed to M0.69 as this helps to manage my descent profile.

When I adjust the height setting on the AP I make sure the VS is showing 0 before setting and then slowly increase / decrease trebVS until I reach the desired setting.

Hope this helps?

I think u put the max cruise speed for the 737/320

Around M.78 is regular I believe

@racerclc It’s not a bug,it’s just the player having the yoke at the wrong posistion

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Usually during the start of my descent I’m at around M0.78-0.79

Well your TOD needs to be slower
Of course idk your decent profile

The best issue around this buddy,is to get to TOD speed and calibrate (your weight is different)
And get in a good comfortable position and hold your device properly.That maximizes the chances of having a smooth transition from AP to start of decent

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Just look at the HUD it’s easy.

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M 0.82 initially but after having this problem for every flight I don’t think I’m going to fly at that speed. Plus the altitude fix issue is crazy, always pitches down rapidly when I fix cruising altitude for every aircraft, have to do it moments after takeoff and not anywhere later in the flight else this happens. Do you fix your ALT button for every flight or only VS?

Is it possible to adjust your VS to descent (negative number) with your ALT button on?

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Oh btw when I begin my descent from let’s say 35000ft cruise I use the ALT and decrease to 0ft first, then VS will be -250 by default. Then I increase the rate of descent further through the VS button, is that the right way?

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  • Set VS(-2400fpm maximum) initial descent.
  • Spoilers for high vertical speed like above or if instructed by ATC to slow down.
  • On a320/737 reduce speed to Mach 0.74. Reduce speed gradually as your altitude decreases.

I always do this and it works well


yes that it simular to how I do it, though I never set 0ft ALT from the TOD, normally I set for 12000 so that I can ensure that I can slow down to sub 250 for starting the final descent below 10,000ft.

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Staying below the red line doesn’t mean your always flying the most economical, or the correct speed. I highly suggest you google the cruise speed then use that in the future. The actual cruise speed is given to pilots through a term called cost index, basically you can choose to be very economical at a lower speed, or less economical at a higher speed. It all depends on what your airline. Certain airlines give only one cost index number for all flights such as Ryanair.

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