how do i know how much cargo is needed

after passenger has boarded the plane

So I would say 2 50lbs per pax

i have 388 pax

I usually do just less then half the weight of the pax

how do i do the calculations?

already maxes out at 44000 lbs

Let me re do my math lol
388 times 50 is 19,400, double that and get 38,800 thats probably more right

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thank you…i’m not good at math

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Don’t worry me ether ;)

I usually do # of passengers x 60 to get my cargo load.

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what is the 60?

The approximate amount each peice of luggage (Cargo) weighs. Honestly, it’s really something you have to just decide for yourself. Or, use a flight planning website that will do it for you.

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I use SimBrief to calculate my passenger load.

Infinite Flight assigns 170lbs/passenger and zero cargo, but Simbrief assumes 175lbs/passenger plus an extra 55lbs baggage (cargo). I just add an extra 5lbs to account for that remainder between Infinite Flight and SimBrief’s passenger weights.

That’s why I multiply the number of passengers by 60 to get the cargo amount. Obviously this doesn’t apply for ALL types of aircraft though. For example, I don’t think a CRJ flight will have passengers carrying 60lbs of baggage each. So I reduce that number down to 30lbs each.

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