How do i know how much cargo is needed for passengers

like how do i estimate the cargo needed?


Calculate, such as if there is 165 passengers and every luggage is to be the maximum of 23LBS put on calculator

23 times 165

But it depends on the planes because a A320 the luggage is required 18LBS (EX)

Compared to a 4 Engine Plane (EX) 747 you can bring 26LBS for the luggage


As per common airline policy, economy (coach) passengers have around 28 kg (62 lbs) of cargo allowance, whereas business class have 32 kg (70 lbs) allowance.

Add these and the average becomes 30kg (66 lbs) per passenger. So whatever your passenger count, multiply that by 30 kg or 66 lbs and you’ll have the perfect cargo for the flight. You may also include 1,500-2,000kg (3,300 - 4,400lbs) extra incase you want to simulate some non-passenger cargo as well.

For Example:
If you have 100 passengers, then cargo will be 100x30=3,000 kg.
If you have 100 passengers, then cargo will be 100x66=6,600 lbs.


Thank you.

Thank you for assistance

It all depends on who your flying with, some airlines offer more allowance than others, find this out then calculate the weight of a single bag by how many passengers you have.

Would like to add, if you’re using medium jets for example, in real life when I board an Air Asia A320 I’m allowed to carry 15kg total baggages- multiply that by number of passengers. But if I carry more than that I must pay almost $8/kg, I imagine its to pay for extra fuel costs (how much more fuel per extra kilogram I do not know unfortunately, but it’d be interesting to find out too).

An idea: You could probably search how much free baggage you’re allowed to carry for each small, medium and larger jets so you’ll have a “Cargo Weight Template” for CRJ’s, 737’s, A380’s, etc. And if you’re crazy enough, a free baggages chart for each liveries lol :D - be sure to share it with us tho!

Hope that helps, cheers! :)

Just tried it my self, MD-11 with 410 PAX times 25kg = 10,250 kgs = 10 tons?? But my weight limits are still green it’s still under its MTOW (with fuel calculated by enough for my WADD to WIII flightplan)… thank you for this chain of enlightenment, WOW! :D


@Jeremy_Jackson @CaptJJ
With all due respect, there is actually a correct way of doing this using simbrief.
Just a preface - in simbrief, you should program the specific infinite flight aircraft into the system as the weights are different. This can be done through the ‘my fleet’ page.

So, when creating your flight plan you should select the aircraft you have just programmed from the list. As you fill in the various options, you should set both the ‘passengers’ and ‘cargo’ options to ‘Auto’. When you generate the flight plan, and keep the output in lido format, the number of passengers and weights are calculated for you:


The example above was for an A320 flight I performed last night.

Anyway, how do you get the actual weights from these? Well, it’s not as simple as you may think. The cargo weight shown above is just the bulk cargo (ie non-passenger cargo).
So, start with the number of passengers. Take the number produced and enter it into infinite flight. This will give you a certain passenger weight - let’s say 10.5 metric tonnes, for the sake of argument.
Now take that 10.5 tonnes, which is the weight of their luggage, and take that away from the payload number, in this case 14.6 metric tonnes. This gives, if my mental maths is correct, 4.1 metric tonnes.
This is your cargo weight to put into infinite flight.

Think about it - the payload is everything the aircraft is carrying that can make money, right? Passengers, luggage and bulk cargo. In infinite flight, the passengers and luggage are combined. Therefore, the passengers and cargo weights must be equal to the total payload!

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Woah, thanks for the input, Hippopotamus!

Yeah I’ll study these for sure, usually I go in TS to experiment and get some thrills lol, when flying in IF I always imagine being on the job and always getting “impossible work orders” (reflecting my real life experiences in any other jobs haha!) then trying to learn and figure out a way to get the job done successfully. That’s why I never wanted anything “Auto” and will set fun challenges pre-flight.

In simbrief I always put my extra fuel at 0mins and a bit overweight, trying to catch any emergency surprises that I’ll never know what or when will happen and test my composure to keep calm when it comes - either during take-off, mid flight or landing.

But yeah thanks for these, never knew that page existed :D I’ll be sure to bookmark your post and apply them to get as realistic as possible for my next flights, cheers!

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No worries, you’re more than welcome! See you in the skies :)

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But how can u now how Many passengers are usual in THE plane?

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Using SeatGuru. Google the plane that you’re flying and the airline that operates it, and it’ll tell you the seat configuration. The maximum number of pax can then be programmed into Simbrief

Well when my famliy travels theres 5 of us we usually have 1 bag each at like 30 ish Lbs and then a 6th bag thats 45-48 LBs depending on where were going and what were going for.

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