How do I join DLVA again

I was in DLVA about a year ago but after I was inactive I was kicked can I please join back again but have the same amount of XP I had last year??

I would suggest you pm the owner @anon2063420 or any other staffs listed in the post above

You can sign up to DLVA here. If you have questions I would reccomend messaging one of their staff.

@Matthew_Chan correct me if I am wrong, but I think USA retired.

You comment on their thread or DM them and don’t make a separate topic :)

K sorry about thaf my fault

Says he’s still the CEO under his thread but I’m not sure either

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Hi there! You can join Delta Virtual through their website.

Here’s a link to the registration page:

In future, please search for the Virtual Airline topic and reply or message the thread creator directly.