How do I join a VA?

Goodday how do I join a VA thank you in advance…


Please use the respective VA’s application form. This can usually be found on their thread/website.

Good luck!

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Find VA, which you want to join in community, and there are all infos ;)

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There is usually an form where you can apply, and wait at least a few days for a response.

Hello and welcome to the community. Here I will explain how you would go about joining a VA in a step-by-step format.

  • Select the VA which you would like to join, i.e. British Airways Virtual.

  • Use the search bar and type in its name.

  • Select the thread of the VA you searched for.

  • Give the topic a thorough read and here you will usually discover how you would go about applying for, and joining the VA.

  • If you cannot find this information, you could check the VA’s website, which will usually be linked in the thread.

  • You could also shoot one of the staff members at the VA in question a private message. You can usually find out who the staff are on the thread.

  • Follow all the information given on either the VA’s thread, their website or from the member of staff you chose to private message.

I hope this helps you to find a VA to join, and how you would go about joining that VA. Have a good one!

For more information about virtual airlines in Infinite Flight, I would recommend checking out the IFVARB website which gives a comprehensive review of what Virtual Airlines are currently in operation, and other general information regarding the world of VAs in Infinite Flight.


To add on a bit to what @Patrick_McCormack said, don’t forget you must do their application if you feel like it’s the right VA, hope you pass and they will send you a message saying either you made it or you didn’t.

for ex. You apply for say Austrian VA, you go to their thread check them out look at their website, then if you like the VA you do the pilot application. You fill it out and let’s say the minimum right is 80%, you get a 90 and within a few days Someone messages you saying you passed and they give you a link to say discord or something like that. Then your officially in the VA!

Hope that helps you!

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Pick a VA you want to be in, fill at the application and the rest is history.


I think one more key point has not been pointed out yet. That’s the #live:va category. That’s the category where the threads mentioned above exist. If you do not know a specific name of a VA / VO, then the search bar won’t do the trick.

Moreover, I have linked the official VA / VO database below:

Although the category mentioned above includes each and every active VA & VO, the IFVARB website has many search filters that will help you out pick the best airline or organisation.

Joining a VA or VO is simple. Before they become certified, we at IFVARB, make sure that their website is functional and includes a page where pilots may send their application form. Having said that, if you are interested in joining a specific VA or VO, check their website and look for the application form. Should you have issues finding it, contact the CEO or one of the IFVARB members.

If you would like more assistance, shoot me a PM!

Thomas // IFVARB Leader

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