How do i input coordinates?

For the past months i’ve been doing more long haul flights and come across a few coordinates that need to be used, but when i tranfer them from FPLtoIF it shows up blank. Am i doing something wrong or is it something with infinite flight. I’ve tried using the method in the 2017 post on coordinates but it usually only works for coords over the atlantic.

here’s an example of one that shows up blank: 3309S/14815E


That waypoint looks a bit specific so I understand why It might not be there, you could also suggest it here.

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Its abit specific because I’m planning Sydney to doha later tonight and that is one of the waypoints in FPLtoIF

I understand that you want realism, but there will be times such as this to a degree in IF… If you truly want more realism take flight lessons or find a more realistic game.

This is coming from the exact opposite of the realism police

I mean you can use flptoif copy the flight plan and paste it into IF and every waypoint will be there👍

No. Copying and pasting the flight plan, gives you every waypoint. Regardless. And there’s no need to repeat yourself. i have done hundreds of long hauls. Copying and pasting my FLP from flptoif. And everytime the waypoint have been the the exact same on both. Sometimes i have to remove a waypoint because there’s more then one. And it gives me the wrong one. Regardless. Never had issues with waypoints. And or coordinate.

If i copy my flightplan from FPLtoIF do i just put it in the waypoint search bar or where do i paste it?

In the search bar, top right corner of the map screen. :)

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WOW! I feel so dumb. I’ve been serching up waypoints INDIVIDUALLY this whole time. Thank you so much.


Don’t worry i only found out about that a few months ago😂👍Life is much easier

Thanks everyone 😊