How do i go on top off hill with ATc Approval?

uhh so this is a weird request but uh i want to be on a hyill to planespot for an event thats abput to take place.
At LPMA so what do i say to the ACTIVE ATC there to let me on the hill without getting a vio

Keep in mind Appr andd TOwer are there

Don’t actually taxi to the hill, just use your free cam to move to the hill while your aircraft remains parked at a gate


You can just park at a vacant gate and move your free camera to the hill! ATC won’t bother you as long as you don’t affect normal operations.

Pm them so they can approve

sooo tha twould wor5k if i wasnt in the air. Is there any way to go up there without you know free cam? BEcause there is no gate in the event free

you know thomas the Pro?

What do you mean? You are flying right now?

Your best bet is to move one of the freecams there, if they can reach.

If you’d like to fly up there and land… I’d recommend doing that before the event. It’s difficult to communicate your intentions to land off-field to ATC.

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yep down wind

Land and park, then move your free cam to the hill

its befor the event now, Do y9ou by chance t=n=know Thomas teh pro? he is Approach
I know tower

Nah Idk him

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well okay thyen

Feel free to message @ThomasThePro, I’m sure he’d be happy to help. 🙂

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Here’s his profile page Profile - ThomasThePro - Infinite Flight Community click message to send a pm

oh THAT was his username…why didnt i try that lol Thanks!

I know him, but controllers don’t usually respond to IFC PMs while controlling so I wouldn’t recommend messaging him.

Are you flying the XCub? You could ask for flight following and land, but ATC might not let you fly that close to the airport.

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oh i am on a TBM, X-Cub was my frist choice buit then i thought it would go withthe wind very easilly

Taken care in PM! :)