How do I go on a walk around with pilots?

So I’m flying to Frankfurt, Germany in 5 hours on a 747-400. Never been on one before, never really seen one, either, other than at factory.

I have seen before that people have gotten to go on a walk around of planes with pilots before and was just wondering how I should approach this if I wanted to?

Has anyone ever gone on one? Who did you ask? How should I approach it? Do you think they would actually let me?

Thanks in advance for the answers!

Edit: This is at Vancouver International in B.C.

Edit 2: Having internet issues so don’t know why this posted twice, but still feel free to answer :)

Very likely they won’t allow anyone but staff on the ramp. Don’t count on it. Sorry

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I would say the only way is to hope you got a very nice crew aboard your flight and have the ability to show your passion.

A friend of mine had a cool opportunity at Boise and it even got posted by Southwest Airlines themselves. She explained the way she was invited was simply taking photos of the aircraft through the terminal window and I guess on of the ramp agents saw her doing so lol.


I know for my airport. We have different color badges. Some have escort privileges some don’t. :( but TSA and airport ops are very on top of watching who enters the secured area. I don’t say it could never happen but would be very slim at a major airport.

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Umm I have had the opportunity but that’s because my dad worked for the airline but just be nice show passion and have a nice crew and it also depends on what airport too

As a security officer for John F. Kennedy, one of the busiest airport in the US, I can say that no one except badge holders is allowed to go on sterile areas at all, however if they need to, they will have to be escorted by security with proper form of identification or reason to be behind sterile area/s. Most of the time it has to be work related. The reason why no one except airport employees or staff is allowed behind sterile areas, is for most classified information, but because of the TSA rules and regulations that has been put in place to prevent threats of any kind that could put the passengers or aircraft in danger of flying. So my recommendation is to whenever possible, apply for a job in the aviation industry and you’ll be able to fulfill your dream of being able to see or walk around all types of aircrafts. Good luck and take care.


That’s what I want to do once I am old enough I want to do Ground ops or security and get to do these things

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