How do I go on a walk around with a pilot?

So I’m flying to Frankfurt, Germany is like…5 hours. It’s my first time on a 747 and really my first time seeing one.

I was just wondering how I could possibly approach the possibility of going on a walk around with the pilots? If that’s even possible.

Who do you think I should approach about doing this and how? Is this even possible as a passenger?

Thanks in advance for answers!

Edit: I’m at Vancouver International Airport in B.C if that helps…


Hello, I’m not quite sure in the rules in different countries but I believe in the US you have to have special permission to go on the tarmac. This could be something that the captain is able to issue but I just couldn’t imagine that would be the case. I would look into your local rules for those things to find more information. I agree that would be a very cool experience and I hope you are able to do it :)


You could surely give it a go! Do know that safety regulations at most major airports became way more strict after 9/11, so I don’t estimate your chances to be that great.

We have a saying in Dutch: nooit geschoten is altijd mis, roughly translating to: you will always miss when you don’t even shoot.


@Mxrzy & @Jw2004

Thank you both for the tips, I’ll definitely give it a go, and honestly so what if I get declined at least I would have taken up the opportunity 😄


That’s the spirit ;)


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