How do I get up to the cockpit?

Hello IFC
I was wondering how do I get invited up to the cockpit

Well you could just ask one of the cabin crew members and they will check with the captain. If their is time they will usually invite you up. Best of luck!


Just ask the crew


Ok but I just very nervous for some reason about that I don’t know why

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I know I can feel a bit hesitant. I have not had a chance to fly much since I have been into aviation and the times I have flown it has been with Southwest (they have tight turn around times so it is hard to get up in the cockpit).


It’s a hit or miss. I usually don’t ask the crew, since they’re all busy and stuff.

Sometimes if I’m lucky, I’ll meet the flight crew at the gate, give them a chat (mention my YouTube channel), and sometimes they’ll let me into the cockpit at the end of the flight.

I was flying MHT-BWI-CLE and in Cleveland, I met the Co-Pilot, and he said for me to come to the cockpit. He said that he wishes to see me soon sometime in another Southwest flight.

When I did MHT-PHL-MIA, I met the Captain and Co-Pilot in Manchester. I mentioned to them that I do YouTube stuff (even showed them my channel), they seemed impressed. At the end of the first flight to PHL, I stayed until I was the last to leave. The F/A said the captain wanted to talk to me. He wanted to see my video of them landing.

I’ve been to the cockpit several times. Once in Atlanta (Delta), twice in Philadelphia (American), Once in Cleveland (Southwest). I’ve also seen the cockpit of two different MU-2B’s in the hanger, as well as the cockpit of a Cessna Citation CJ1 in Berlin, NH.

One thing to note: When you get invited into the cockpit, ALWAYS thank them when you get invited and when you leave. It’ll make you look good to them.

Don’t be nervous, always give it a try :). You can also mention you’re an aviation enthusiast if that helps.


Ask the crew unless it’s a rude crew then don’t ask. I have had the pleasure of knowing people who work for Airlines so I have been lucky but just ask.


How old are that might be the reason they are suspicious.

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Geez I’d never have the guts to mention my YouTube channel. Even if I hit a billion


If you ask the pilots if you can take a peek inside, I’m sure they’ll let you. Heck, if you even mention that you’re fascinated in aviation and looking to become a pilot one day, they might even let you sit in one of the seats. Just ask. The worst they can say is no. Especially if they’re busy getting ready for the flight. You’ll find out that in aviation, networking is your key to success. You cannot progress through aviation efficiently without interacting with other pilots, A&Ps, and those in the aviation industry.


I visit the pilots every time I fly. I am always hesitant on the jet bridge weighing if I want to or not. Before the flight or after it.

Some pilots are very friendly and offer you their seat (usually after the flight). Others just say hi and ask if you want to take pictures etc.


I never really think about it. I normally walk in and just ask the crew if I can take a look. The first thing I do when I get up to the flight deck (I’ve only been turned down once) is I thank the pilots and then tell them that I am a student pilot. I notice a change in their demeanor quickly after this. I’ve found that a lot of pilots respond positively to questions. Not questions like “how fast do you go” but more insightful questions such as “What is a key difference in the regulations between the US and europe?” (I asked that on a transatlantic flight).

I’ve noticed that pilots are more willing to let you stay longer. I’ve sat in jumpseats for the entire interior preflight, and jump seated a landing as well. (shhh).

Honestly, my advice would be to not be afraid to ask. Most pilots love when others are interested, especially when they are serious and knowledgeable about their passion




Well I remember a couple times I’ve been up in the cockpit but I haven’t been in a while one of my most memorable experiences was when I got a shout out over the intercom after landing

I just asked the pilots when we’re deboarding the plane. I also mention my passion for viation and my YouTube channel. So far, I’ve been in a B737-400 cockpit, B777-200ER cockpit, A330-300 cockpit and an A380-800 cockpit.

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I would like to thank you @RotorGuy
@Speed_bird_50 @Vinne @Ethan_Hansen @Daniel_Cerritos @Will_A and many others for the information and support you have given me by participating in this topic I will definitely use this for summer vacation because I do have a trip planned that involves flying


Same. I’m flying on an Emirates A380. I’ll ask if I can see the cockpit 😂 good luck mate!

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You should also try and see if you can get any pictures I would love to see them

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I just posted some pictures 😂 have a look

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I like them very much one time I gave a complement on how the pilot handled a crosswind landing and he showed me his flight plan


Hahah! Lucky you mate…

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