How do i get to TL2

I’ve been wanting to do a event. but i cant so i need some help


Hey, its gonna take some time and being active a lot, but eventually, you will make it.

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You’ll be upgraded to TL2 automatically once you reach the undisclosed criteria. Keep reading, posting, liking, and following the guidelines and you’ll get there in no time! Best of luck!


An important thing is being patient too. Taking the things with calm can lead you to the success


I think you should be more active in this forum so you can get TL2 faster or earlier.


Feel free to read some of the articles above linked by Balloonchaser. The most important thing is that you should stay active, friendly, keep posting, and you will get there. It does take some time, but feel free to check out some of the arríeles on or for more information about how Discourse trust levels work.

I am excited to continue to see you on this community in the future and good luck with your future events!



The more you engage in the community the quicker the process is. Dont make it a game or a grind to get that trust level just enjoy the forum.

I have seen many people try and win this “game” they call trust levels and they dont end up to good.

I look forward to seeing you having fun and meet friends on the forum! I would highly recommend reading the links that @Balloonchaser’s posted as they are specific for this forum. DM me if you have any questions! :)