How do I get To Grade 3?

I’m confused? And yes many people will say the answer is in front of your face, but deal it with it I’m a noob.!


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In order to be grade 3 you need to cut down on your violations. After a week from which you got them you should be on grade 3. Keep flying! 😁


G’Day @CrashingPilot, welcome to the community.

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To help you out with your question, I highly recommend heading into the app and selecting your username in the top right hand corner.

From there, you’ll see a bunch of information including your Display Name, Callsign and a bunch of statistics at the bottom.

From the list of statistics, you’ll want to tap on the information button that is situated next to the Grade indication.

This will give you an idea of the requirements you’ll need and point them out in an orange colour on the far right column titled “Grade 3 Requirements”.

If there is anything specifically that you’re not sure of, don’t be afraid to ask.

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You have enough landings to meet the grade 3 criteria, but too many violations. Just keep flying and keep violations down to a minimum. Once the violation-landing figures level out, you’ll be on 3. The less vios you get now, the better and you can keep a cleaner record in the long term :-)

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Does casual have a AI that judges your taxi and takeoff, because right now I’m farming landings. And I dont really wanna put time in those things.

Right now I have 61 landings and 4 violations. What am I doing wrong?

There’s no way to get any violations or punishments on casual server. Wait till the 7 day violations have expired and you’ll probably rank up to grade 3 within a week.

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Also you need to stop getting violations

I’m aware, and extremely cautious now.

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Is this good?

Yes so you need to wait 7 days from your last violation for them to clear past the 7 days then you will be grade 3 again

Screenshot_20190324-155753_Google Don’t do any of these things and you won’t get another violation

Not in casual right?

Everything besides casual server

That doesn’t count for casual. You’re right!

:D! That’s great.

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Please note that being a grade 3 pilot means that you’ve access to expert server. You should be aware of the things that can happen around here. Expert server maintains a realistic and professional experience. If you violate any of the rules it will have consequences for your grade stats or will result in ghosting. To avoid these things, scroll through the #tutorials section or have a look at IF’s YouTube channel which provides a great explanation of flight and ATC information.

Oh okay! Thanks for telling this ahead!

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What is ghosting?

Ghosting aka being reported means that you’ll be suspended from expert server for a period of 7 days.

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