How do I get this one area on the bottom corrected so I can get to grade 4

if someone can tell me I would appreciate it thanks

Do more landings and less violations.


How long will it take?

Is pattern work recommended for this

It’s the amount of violations divided by the amount of landings. You need to have four times as many landings as violations for grade 4.

How do I see how many violations I have

It says right there at 79 violations/ 246 landings

So how long

Depends on how fast you can do touch and goes. I think KLEB is good with a TBM for this switching between runways to land on.

Pattern work is recommended right

To get more landings, yessir. It’s a tough grind though.

Ok I’ll have to do that tomorrow

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How long is it gonna take if anyone can calculate it for me I would appreciate it

To get a 0.25 ratio, you’ll have to do about 62 more landings, if my math is correct.
(0.32/79 = 0.25/x, 0.32x = 19.75, x = 61.7)

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Darn it that’s gonna take a while how many landings would I have to do a day to get in 1 in a half weeks

You’d have to do about 6 landings per day, again, that’s if my math is correct. You could always do more per day and get there quicker.
(62/10.5 = 5.9)

That’s just doing go arounds correct

That’s doing any landing. Full stop, touch and go, or stop and go.

Ok thanks I’m so excited I’m almost there


friendly suggestion: id take a look at tutorials on how to learn how to become a better pilot so you can lower your violation to landing ratio