How do I get the A320

After looking at Facebook and Twitter I seen the A320 when I go to the app it isint there to buy how do I get it

Those are just preview pictures. The A320 is not available to the public yet and is still in testing. P.S. don’t ask when it will come out because nobody knows!


It hasn’t been released yet!
They are just photos to show what is coming up!
Hopefully it will be added soon!

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It’s not out. In the forums we have 3 total, 2 active A320 threads that are about speculating/confirmarion of liveries, which hint that the A320 isn’t out yet.

The others have already explained above what those photos are

I swear to god if more of the stereotypic facebook questions like appear on the forum “when does the update come out” and “add tunisar a320” I will explode. At least this question isn’t irritating as the others…

Best, Boeing707

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😷😷😷😷😷😷 you know what mate, I’m trying to be good guy on this forum, Some of the questions I’m seeing lately, I’m gonna end up swearing 😜😜😜😜 no offence to the guy, but pls do read through or research before asking question.