How do I get my virtual airline in my callsign?

Hi, I’m a SAS Virtual pilot, but I have been stuck about having to put my VA in my callsign, can anybody help?

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Just to clarify, what is your virtual airline callsign that you are trying to add?

Are you talking about your callsign that is used when flying on online servers such as Training and Expert or are you talking about setting your virtual airline in your IFC profile so that it displays in-app?

Both, [SASV] for SAS Virtual

To set your virtual airline/organisation on your IFC profile, you need to select your profile picture → Select the person symbol (far right symbol) → Preferences → Profile → Select your Virtual Airline or Virtual Organisation → Save your changes.

To set your callsign in app, the best you can do is select SAS as your airline, your callsign number and then put VA at the end. For example, I’m apart of BAVA so my callsign in-app would be Speedbird 143VA.

Hope this helps!

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Took the words out of my mouth, Declan!

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Thank you, this is my solution

No worries mate, glad I could help you out.

I’ve also noticed you’ve posted a few topics regarding flight suggestions, I would just want to recommend you a very good website called

You can put in the airport you want to depart from and you can see all the routes from that airport. Just something to keep in mind when you are searching for routes in the future.

Take care mate!

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