How do I get my VA certified?

How do I contact an Moderator from IFVABR? I am trying to get my airline IFVABR certified.


You can create your virtual airline via!

Hello and welcome to the forum.

We have a separate category regarding the IFVARB and virtual airlines. Make sure to check the pinned topics in the #live:va category.

Moreover, I would suggest to start first from the topic below. If you still have any questions, let us know!


Please be aware that you cannot say you’re part of a VA in your bio that hasn’t been approved. Although you can say future VA.
I also strongly suggest that you get involved in the IFC (here) a lot more and apply when you become a member.


You are required to be Trust Level 2 in order to be eligible to start a VA. You joined 5 hours ago. You are Trust Level 0. Just keep liking, commenting, reading, and creating topics and you’ll be there in no time!

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Ok I am sorry. I think that having access to expert server would be a good idea, but I guess you are right.

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