How do I get my money back after I unsubscribe to infinite flight?

Hey I have been thinking about this long and hard and have decided to unsubscribe from IF and I’m wondering if I can get my money back. Can you guys help me?



That’s how I got mine


Thank you so very much!!!


You should contact your respective digital store ie Google Play or the App Store.


They don’t do refunds. They just cancel it. You have to contact the Devs. When I needed my refund, My respective store said it’s all up to the Devs. @Chatta290

What device do you use it with?

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iOS → Contact iTunes Support and Ask for a Refund (only available if you purchased within the last 90 Days)

Google Play → Email

@schyllberg will help you on there. He usually responds within an hour, and Gets it done pretty easy.

Thanks @schyllberg for the help when I needed it!

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Was it before cooling off period?

Any reason why you want refund? If you don’t mind you can share it with us.