How do I get my game to stop crashing every flight I do

I need some help on figuring out how I can stop getting my game to crash on almost every flight even when it’s a perfect flight.

iphone 8
most current update

Set everything graphics-wise to low. Keep your phone in a cool place. Point the in-game camera towards the sky. Restart your phone before every flight. This ensures it is running at peak performance. Clear any and all background apps.

As an absolute last resort, you may need to upgrade your device to something more current, like the iPhone 14. The iPhone 8 is 5 years old, and age can really hamper a device’s performance.

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Ok thanks.

I may be having the same issue. I made a post about having this issue a while ago and I thought ES beta fixed it, but the game has started crashing regularly again.

If you’re gonna say something along the lines of have more storage, lower the graphics quality, and have no background apps for peak performance, please know I’ve been told this more times than I can count and it has not fixed anything.

but my ipad 9th also have this problem😓😓😭

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Our one is probably something to do with RAM but infinite flight knows about it and are probably working on it

It kinda sucks when this happens since the app is pretty much unusable. Just had the app crash 30 minutes into a flight.

I’ve tried opening up storage, I restarted the phone, I have all my graphics to the lowest quality, I’ve tried everything you’ve suggested every time I report this issue. I even deleted all my replays, but it still crashes.

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