How do I get more landings in 90 days

How do I get back to grade 4, I am at 69 landings in (90 days) can I do touch and goes for that or do I need to do flights? Thanks


But how can I get those up quickly?


Touch and goes suffice, but you need to have 30 seconds between landings and you need to get 100’ AGL high for it to count.


Ok Thanks!

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Patterns patterns patterns


Interesting, I’ve taken an Xcub to the big runway at KEDW and just climbed maybe 10 feet and it’s counted mine

maybe the criteria has changed recently and I didn’t know

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Interesting. I found usually it didn’t work for me if I didn’t go to that altitude. It probably was linked to time and the amount of time it took me to glide up there and back down was 30 seconds


Pattern work at EGLL in the A318 for an hour!! That was my method when getting grade 5 this past weekend

Just runway hop on casual at any major airport with multiple runways (I find that KDEN is good for satisfying the 30 second rule if you just touch down on one runway in each cardinal direction; have a timer on hand)

Dont… just dont… fly to learn how to fly… dont fly for a grade. This isnt Call of Duty or anything with a ranking system.

I dont understamd why people are treating it as such…


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