How do i get IFVARB approved

I am in the process of getting IFSP IFVARB approved. Why is it so complicated, they are like the police they just made up. Also can someone help me. A few kind people have tried but I don’t know what they mean. Thanks :)

Start with this…

Then this…


Thanks a lot. This should help

Ok, can u approve me by doing the check thing please

What check thing? You can already PM. You are all set for your process.

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Just to let you know, the check does take quite a while. They need to make sure that your concept is well founded first. You will have to DM them with the required information


Ok. How do I apply. Sorry if I missed a bit. I have very very bad eye problems

You need to read the original links and follow the instructions contained in them.

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All of the specifics you should need are in this post, The IFVARB Application Process , any questions on this feel free to PM me or an IFVARB member


Instructions have been provided.