How do i get IFVARB approved


I am in the process of getting IFSP IFVARB approved. Why is it so complicated, they are like the police they just made up. Also can someone help me. A few kind people have tried but I don’t know what they mean. Thanks :)


Start with this…

Then this…


Thanks a lot. This should help


Ok, can u approve me by doing the check thing please


What check thing? You can already PM. You are all set for your process.


Just to let you know, the check does take quite a while. They need to make sure that your concept is well founded first. You will have to DM them with the required information


Ok. How do I apply. Sorry if I missed a bit. I have very very bad eye problems


You need to read the original links and follow the instructions contained in them.


All of the specifics you should need are in this post, The IFVARB Application Process , any questions on this feel free to PM me or an IFVARB member


Instructions have been provided.