How do I get IF on my pc and my ipad

How do I get IF on my pc and my ipad at the same time?

Infinite Flight isn’t available on PC. Also, if you wish to fly on two separate devices at once, then you’ll need to subscriptions.


As far as I’m aware it’s not available on PC. iPad though, you just buy it on the app store!

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Hello, we don’t have IF on PC, but you can use LiveConnect and connect to your Ipad.

Well, you can screen record your iPad on your mac as a kind of loophole. But other then that, you really can’t

What I am trying to say, is how do I put it on my screen

What screen? PC or Ipad?

If you have a Mac, you can mirror your apple device onto it.

How do I do that

I personally don’t own a Mac, but I know there is a way to do it.

I found this video, hopefully this helps:

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The Infinite Flight doesn’t are avaible in PC, download at app store in your iPad😉

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you can plug in your iPad to your Mac with a charger usb cable. Download the quicktime player app and select “new movie recording” and then click the dropdown menu and select your iPad. :)

@Advisor_Airbus thank you for the info (Android can do that right?)

No, Android can’t.

noooooooooooooooooo(at least my phone is half i phone)

its oppo

wow u just deleted it

im not finished reading it