How do I get Grade 3 and keep it?

I cant get grade 3 and keep it

Can we see your grade table? Please take a screenshot and post it here :)

Reading the NEW Grade Table

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We don’t know his grade stats so we can’t tell the source of the problem.

just keep flying, dont do nothing stupid and certainly… DONT GET GHOSTED

That tutorial will help him figure out what steps need to be taken from his current grade

You can tell he is in Grade 2 so he will see the Grade 3 stats regardless. It doesn’t help at all.

Part of your grade includes a few metrics that are time (calendar) based. Once you make grade 3 you need to stay active to keep the grade by ensuring flight time and landings are done regularly.

For more information take a look at this tutorial.

you will notice the numbers on the right, most are green, meaning you have fulfilled those requirements, and two are orange, meaning those requirements have not been fulfilled.

in your case, that would be a high number of violations (5 in the past 24 hours, and 9 total in the past 7 days).

you will notice that the requirements say 2 violations maximum over the past 24 hours, and 3 maximum over the past 7 days.

keep flying, or wait it out, but either way, don’t get any more violations an you’l be grade 3 within a week :)


Only thing holding you back is violations. So the only thing you can do is wait and don’t get anymore violations.

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