How do I get grade 2?

At the playground server, I’ve got a message like the attached file.
How can I get the grade 2?
What is the grade 2?

My status
XP 6580
Standing 100%
Online time 9h 45min

Do touch and goes in the free flight server and you´ll get enough XP in little time. Try a region with lots of airports/airfields.

A recently asked question:

Just perform someone Landings to raise your landing count and you should be fine

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Thank you for your help.

Still be good if we could have published and on a sticky the requirements for both Grade 2 and also Grade 3.

Also worth noting its not just being ghosted that will reduce your grading but also the number of landings as well number of ’ reports’ in last few days.

93 for standing? are you struggling with violations?